Receivership Services

Takeover Services

As Receiver, the Amazing Hospitality Group team arrives at the hotel with an order to take immediate possession of all real and personal assets. This includes, but is not limited to, securing cash on the property and seizing all accounts. Notification of Receivership status is sent to all vendors, lessees, and other interested parties. Amazing Hospitality Group's human resources specialists are available during this transition.

Post-Takeover Services

  • Amazing Hospitality Group handles the Receiver's ongoing operational and administrative duties that include, but are not limited to:
  • Protection of the franchise
  • Dealing with outstanding state and local sales & occupancy tax issues
  • Handling any pre-takeover lawsuits, claims, or outstanding insurance matters
  • Locating and obtaining control of deposits from utilities including any governmental entities
  • Managing pre-takeover vendors and leaseholders
  • Our hotel property management team knows the asset's financial welfare depends on sound hotel business operations.


Amazing Hospitality Group prepares a monthly Receiver's Report as directed by the Court using standard accounting practices and issues a final accounting to the Court after foreclosure in a thorough and timely manner.